About me

"Live is exciting! It always was and always will be."

During the training as a wellness trainer I discovered my fascination on massages. This training took me two years and encluded nutrition, fitness and divers relaxation techniques. Already througout this training period it was clear to me, I wanted to learn more about relaxation techniques and in particular massage techniques. 

Shortly after completing this two years of basic training, I expand my massage knowledge with the Lomi Lomi technique. Interesting about this technique ist that by working whole muscle groups this massage is intens and relaxing on the same time. 

In Dharamsala (India) I have been thaught in Thai massage. As there is allways something more to lern, I visited diverse courses in Indian head massage, hot stone, candle massage, special neck / head techniques, etc. back home in Switzerland.

However, the Lomi Lomi and the swedish massage still dominate my massage style.

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